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西村多美子 写真展 「旅人」
Tamiko Nishimura
"My Journey (Ryojin)" Press Release

会期:2018年5月11日 [金] - 6月16日 [土]
トークイベント:5月12日 [土] 16:00 - 17:30  ゲスト:北井一夫 (予約不要・参加無料)
オープニングパーティ:5月12日 [土] 18 - 20時

Dates: May 11 – June 16, 2018
Talk Event: May 12 (Sat.) 16:00 -17:30   Guest: Kazuo Kitai
Reception Party: May 12 (Sat.) 18:00 - 20:00








― 西村多美子



Zen Foto Gallery is pleased to announce our fourth solo exhibition with Tamiko Nishimura from May 11 to June 16, 2018. In this exhibition, the gallery presents 15 vintage silver gelatin prints produced in 1979 by Nishimura, which will also be included in the accompanying photobook publication “My Journey (Ryojin)”.

“Ryojin” were selected from approximately 1,500 images taken from 1968 to 1980s. During the process, I feel as if the space and time I have lived through were rising around me like a haze.

I have always taken snapshots with my camera whether I am walking, on trains, buses or boats. It is a stance that has never changed in the past several decades.

I take photographs, load the film into a developing reel and develop the films in a deep tray as I hear the clattering sound. Then I print contact sheets, select the images and make prints from them. This practice has also never changed for decades. The images would slowly appear in the developer, and the black becomes denser. I like the time I spend in the dark room observing how the objects captured would appear during the development process.

As long as films are still available, I would continue taking photographs with film.  

― Tamiko Nishimura

A limited-edition photography book “My Journey (Ryojin)” will be published by the gallery to accompany the exhibition. The book consists of 60 monochrome works selected from photographs taken between years 1968 to 1980s, including some unpublished works.

西村多美子(にしむら たみこ)| 1948年東京生まれ。1969年に東京写真専門学院(現東京ビジュアルアーツ)を卒業。主な出版物に『しきしま』(東京写真専門学院出版局、1973)、『熱い風』(蒼穹舎、2005)、『実存1968-69状況劇場』(グラフィカ編集室、2011)、『憧景』(グラフィカ編集室、2012)、『猫が・・・』(禅フォトギャラリー、2015)、『舞人木花咲耶姫 — 子連れ旅日記』(禅フォトギャラリー、2016)等。香港M+美術館に作品が収蔵されている。

Tamiko Nishimura|Born in 1948 in Tokyo. Graduated from Tokyo Photography College (current Tokyo Visual Arts) in 1969. Her main publications are “Shikishima” (Tokyo Photography College, 1973), “vent calmoso” (Sokyu-sha, 2005), “Existence (1968-69 Théâtre de Situation)” (graficamag, 2011), “eternal chase” (graficamag, 2012), “Kittenish...” (Zen Foto Gallery, 2015), and “A Miko dancer - Konohanano Sakuya Hime” (Zen Foto Gallery, 2016). Her works are included in the collection of M+ museum (Hong Kong).

【新刊情報 Publication Information

Tamiko Nishimura "My Journey (Ryojin)"


刊行予定日 2018年5月10日|219x250 mm|120頁|コデックス、フランス装カバー|モノクローム作品60点|英語、日本語|500部限定|4,400円(税込)|お問い合わせ info@zen-foto.jp、写々者(www.shashasha.co)

Publication date: May 10, 2018|Size: 219 x 250 mm | 120 pages | 60 plates|Softcover. Codex binding with French cover|English & Japanese|Limited edition of 500 copies|JPY 4,400 (TAX incl.)|Inquiry: info@zen-foto.jp or shashasha (www.shashasha.co)

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