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2 0 1 4 年 9 月 3 日 (水) - 9 月 20 日 (土)

東京るまん°c  Tokyo Rumando 「Orphée」

オープニングパーティー: 9月6日(土)18:00-20:00
We will have an artist reception party on 6th Sep from 18:00 to 20:00.




Rumando is in a room, standing staring into a mirror. But this mirror is enchanted. It not only reflects reality, but also retrieves lost memories, indeed memories of Rumando herself. It opens up a path into a strange world. Anxiety and fear, dark desire and pleasure, decadence and madness, and then death and the void are revealed and magnified by this mirror. Rumando lies under a curse of memory and fate, as tendrils of darkness suffocate her body and soul. She disintegrates under the pull of a magnetic field emanating from the alien world in the enchanted mirror. (Text by Toshiki Soma.)

Photography book "Orphée" published by Zen Foto Gallery.



2,800円(税込)|H225 x W182 x D8mm|500部限定|
84ページ|ソフトカバー|214g | 参考画像

JPY2,800|H225 x W182 x D8mm|214g | See Sample pages
84 pages|Softcover | 500 copies limited edition |



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