土田ヒロミ 写真展 「自閉空間」
Hiromi Tsuchida "Autistic Space"
Press Release

会期:2018/4/7 [土] - 4/28 [土]
トークイベント : 4月13日 [金] 16:00 -17:30 | 聞き手:布施直樹 (予約不要、参加無料)
オープニングパーティ:4月13日 [金] 18:00 -20:00

Dates: April 7 – 28, 2018
Talk Event: Apr. 13 (Friday) 16:00 - 17:30|Interviewer: Naoki Fuse
Reception Party: Apr. 13 (Friday) 18:00 - 20:00


禪フォトギャラリーでは、4月7日より28日まで 土田ヒロミ 写真展「自閉空間」を開催いたします。1971年に太陽賞を受賞し、土田ヒロミの写真界への華々しいデビューを飾った処女作「自閉空間」は、同時期に銀座ニコンサロンにおいて展示されたものの、同タイトルの写真集が制作されることはありませんでした。その後「俗神」や「砂をかぞえる」「ヒロシマ」など次々と代表作となる作品を発表し、土田は写真家として大成していきましたが、デビュー作である「自閉空間」はその後ほとんど人の目に触れることはなく、知る人ぞ知る作品となっていきました。本展覧会は、この記念すべき処女作を土田が当時撮影したネガから再編集し、今回新たに写真集として生み出した『自閉空間』(禪フォトギャラリー刊)より、選りすぐりのモノクロームプリント約18点を展示いたします。若き土田のエネルギー迸る渾身の作品群が約半世紀もの時を経て再び蘇ります。是非ご高覧いただけますようお願い申し上げます。また、展覧会開催と写真集刊行を記念し、土田ヒロミと京都在住の写真家・布施直樹をインタヴュアーに迎え、4月13日にトークイベントを開催いたします。こちらも是非ご参加くださいませ。

Zen Foto Gallery is pleased to announce Hiromi Tsuchida’s photography exhibition “Autistic Space” from April 7th to 28th. Hiromi Tsuchida’s first work “Autistic Space” marked his debut to the photography world through receiving the Taiyo Award in 1971. The work was not published as a photobook even though it was exhibited at Ginza Nikon Salon during that time.

After that, Tsuchida published “Zokushin”,  “Counting Grains of Sand”, “Hiroshima” and other works that established his career as a photographer and his debut work “Autistic Space” had then become a hidden gem. For his exhibition “Autistic Space” this time, a selection of 18 works in black and white, re-edited from the old negatives, will be shown and a photobook under the same title will be published by Zen Foto Gallery in commemoration of this revival after half a century.

We will also be holding a talk event on April 13th with Hiromi Tsuchida. Kyoto-based photographer Naoki Fuse will be the interviewer for the event.


Hiromi Tsuchida| Born in Fukui Prefecture, 1939, Tsuchida entered Pola Cosmetics, Inc., after graduating from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Fukui in 1963. While working at Pola, he began studying photography night time at the Tokyo College of Photography. After he left his company in 1971 to become a freelance photographer, his debut work “Autistic Space” captured in Asakusa received the 8th Taiyo Award and was exhibited at Ginza Nikon Salon. He had then released many other works and became a prominent photographer in Japan. Tsuchida received the Nobuo Ina Award in 1978 with “Hiroshima 1945~1979” and Award of the Year from the Photographic Society of Japan with “Hiroshima” in 1984. In 2008, he has received the Ken Domon Award with “Hiromi Tsuchida’s Japan”.

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土田ヒロミ 『自閉空間』
Hiromi Tsuchida “Autistic Space”


22.5 x 26.4cm | 80 pages (71 images) + 16 text pages | 2018 | Hardcover | English, Japanese|お問い合わせ Inquiry: info@zen-foto.jpshashasha



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